RSoC We've got two pieces of good news for you; the first one is that our RSoC is now live! The second is a bit surprising: we've got a GSoC slot!


Thanks to solar designer who offered us to be part of the GSoC, under the umbrella of the Openwall project, we've got a slot for a single student to work on radare2 for a couple of months, while being payed $5,500! This is truly amazing, and we're super-grateful to Openwall and solardiz for this: Thank you very much!
Application are starting the 16th of March, and are last until the 27th, so hurry up!


Since our last RSoC was a success, we decided to host a second one despite our surprise-acceptance in the GSoC.
The schedule for the RSoC is:

  • March 11: Begin applications
  • May 3: End of application acceptance
  • May 8: Announce of the selected students
  • June 17: Start coding!
  • Sept 16: "Pencils down"
  • Sept 27: Code must be merged into radare2 repo

Like last year, everyone can apply; you don't need to be a student. If you want to write some code, you're more than welcome.
Unfortunately, to make it happen we need some money, so we're holding a donation campaign, with the goal of raising 3000 EUR to pay our participants.

You can give us your bitcoins, or use Paypal if you prefer.
(Please notice that for legal reasons, the Paypal account is owned by jvoisin, one of the core contributors, since the r2 project doesn't have a legal entity to represent itself yet.)

RSoC 2015

It seems that our rejection from the GSoC is becoming a tradition: along with Mozilla, Tor, The Linux Foundation, and OWASP, we weren't accepted. But fear not, like last year, we're going to do our very own Radare Summer of Code: welcome to the RSoC'15!

Last year was our first time. Some things went wrong, others went well; but at the end r2 gained both shiny features and happy new contributorsa and those are the only things that really matter. This year, we'll try to improve our weak points, to make it ever more awesome for students, mentors, and users!

Of course, if would have been great to be accepted by Google. Their program has more visibility, more money, and a larger student pool.

However, this situation also has advantages: we accept everyone, not only students, we don't have country-based restrictions, and we don't have strict deadlines: if you want to work a bit less, or a bit more, this is not an issue; we're flexible on everything.


So, stay tuned, you'll hear about our RSoC soon, we promise!

Google Summer of Code 2015

We have applied to be a mentoring organization for this year’s Google Summer of Code.

Google Summer of Code logo

We recognize that GSoC is always a fierce competition, but we are, as ever, hopeful that we will join many other fine organizations in a great summer of hacking. If you are a student interested in applying, please head over to our ideas page and begin thinking about what you might like to hack on. Furthermore, we have several low-hanging fruits if you want to play a bit with the codebase.

We already applied last year, but were rejected; maybe we'll make it this year. And if we don't, we'll do a RSoC again!